What You Believe Determines the Way You Live

^ Proverbs 27:6 ^

“I’d rather you punch me in the stomach with the truth than pat me on the back with a lie,” I repeatedly told Bryan as we began getting more serious. You see, I’d been lied to before, and I never wanted to experience the unraveling effects on myself and others that came from a dishonest relationship again…with friends, family or anyone. Since God got a hold of my attention and faith as I mentioned in my testimony, He’s begun working on me little by little, and in the last few years I have begun to recognize that while I had a growing faith in God, I needed (and I continue to need) to correct my thinking and living little by little.

I want you to know that I am NOT a Biblical scholar, theologian, or expert on the Bible by any means. But I am reading and learning, and learning and growing in my understanding…and all the while gaining little bits of wisdom as I see what I am learning ring true as I live life. I will not be writing about anything that isn’t relevant to what God has taught or is teaching me in my personal life. As my pastor once said, “I am just a beggar telling another beggar where I found bread.” :) And good, sweet, life-giving BREAD (I mean heyyyyy!) is enough to excite me in hopes that we can relate and benefit from God’s Word together. This post is a collaboration from my notes from the Study Lies Young Women Believe and Believing God, along with other quotes I’ve connected to its theme of what I’ve been learning along the way.

A lie is “an inaccurate or false statement with deliberate intent to deceive.” It is “an imposter of the truth.” We will probably be talking about dishonest lips in the future as it is a theme throughout Proverbs, but today I want to talk about the lies that distort our reality and affect the way we choose to live.

2 Peter 2:19 says “Whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.” The term “overcome” means to defeat, conquer or control. Just to mention a few things capable of overcoming our attitudes, conquering and controlling our thoughts and actions and defeating our hope – fear, doubt, anger, sadness, loneliness, pride, insecurity, greed, envy, laziness, hatred, impulsiveness, the list is endless. Many of us are experiencing the consequences of being enslaved to harmful patterns in our lives and are experiencing those above mentioned emotions that overcome us without recognizing the lie they are connected with. If we can identify the lies we didn’t realize we have been believing, we can break free from continuing down that path.

The Bible says that Satan is the father of lies – (John 8:44). His lies begin with planting doubts, half-truths, falsehoods disguised as truth. And he is smart. He throws us a baited hook, so that we will bite.  Satan takes what you desire most and promises to fulfill it if you reject God and ignore His word and set out to fulfill your desires on your own rather than in a way that aligns with God’s Word. 

What is one thing you want more than anything?

 Example: I want to feel….pretty, attractive…

                                           ….loved, cared for….

                                                ….important, successful, recognized, powerful…


Examples – An easy example that young girls and guys alike face is the desire to be attractive – usually it is a combo like the desire to be attractive and loved and important, etc. So instead of clinging to what God charges young people to pursue, we might spend way too much time and effort to meet this desire or combination of desires instead – and by any means necessary – healthy or not. I want to feel pretty or attractive. Unhealthy ways to fill this craving might include things like ….taking a million selfies to get one perfect one to post, shopping for new clothes way too often , or I spend unreasonable hours on makeup or hair or attempts to cover my flaws, or I dress or do whatever it takes to get any kind of attention from people, or I will do whatever it takes to get or stay skinny. All of these are harmful habits started with attempts to fill that one deep desire. Every harmful habit, or sin if we may call it that, in your life begins with a lie. Lies are found everywhere…in our emotions that warp our perspective, in our culture and social media, conversations with friends, etc. Some consequences of believing lies in our own lives can include self-sabotaged broken relationships, fear, depression, guilt…the list goes on. Satan’s goal is to help you let your own sin destroy you. He taunts us to accomplish and fulfill what we desire our own way or how the world seems to chase it rather than the wisdom of what God’s Word tells us about where to find fulfillment of our deepest desires.

So where do lies get their power to destroy our lives? Satan’s lies may be tempting, but they have no power without us. 

Unfortunately, instead of standing firm and confident in the truth we can find in God’s Word, we often allow ourselves to play a part in tripping over the lies of the enemy like a fly hypnotized by a light on a bug zapper. The first lie we can read about was told by the enemy (in serpent form) to the very first woman – Eve. Tomorrow we will look at 4 ways she cooperated with Satan took the bait.


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