Walking Worthy



This has been the resounding thought for me this week. I absolutely and regularly notice when I fail to walk worthy, but this week as I pondered this verse a desire has grown where I want to strive daily to learn to walk worthy in this new season in my life. 


There are things in life we each desire, but right now, today, in this season , while we may not see those desires (yet) fulfilled, our Heavenly Father gives us unique callings through which we can bring glory to His name by allowing Him to shape our character through loving and serving Him, proclaiming His goodness, and loving and serving others.


Right now, today, how can we walk WORTHY of the calling we have received? 12 attitudes and mindsets come to mind:
  1. Humbly – laying pride and selfish ambition aside to serve those we have been led to serve.
  2. Gently, not allowing the harsh actions of others shake our ability to respond (although sometimes firmly) in gentleness.
  3. Bearing with one another in Love, growing in patience and ability to love broken people especially as we would hope they can love broken imperfect people like us!
  4. With a heart that lays aside the desire to please others and strive to please God alone.
  5. With a Repentant heart for when we need grace and mercy to meet us when we make mistakes or fail.
  6. With a heart of Perseverance that can choose to yet try again after those mistakes or failures.
  7. With a Fearless heart that casts cares on our God and chooses to walk choosing trust and confidence in His sovereign plan for our good and His glory.
  8. With a Steadfast heart that does not look to the right or the left and compare our callings, our strengths, our weaknesses, our blessings or our trials to that of others, but instead takes delight trusting the Lord will show Himself as personally faithful and trustworthy in His way in His time.
  9. With heart of Faithfulness – that desires to be intentional and faithfully do what we’ve been called to do without slacking or delaying.
  10. With a heart of Peace, knowing that as we are walking faithfully doing what we can do, God will handle the rest.
  11. With a heart of Kindness and with a heart of Joy and gratitude for all we have been given, both the blessings and the challenges that are designed to be used to honor God, bless others and to shape us!
  12. And with a Prayerful Heart that knows to walk worthy we will need the strength of our Heavenly Father, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the mind of Christ that happens as prayer changes our circumstances and/or changes us through our circumstances.

Walking worthy of our calling is a high calling, even an impossible one to do in our own strength. But my prayer is that we seek our help from the Lord daily, and that as we learn to rely on Him to walk in a manner worthy,  God’s love and truth would change us and change the lives of many.

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