The RED CUP UPROAR and My Two Cents on The Heart of the Problem

Mind Your Speech

I don’t always blog about controversial Facebook Bandwagons, but felt like this blog post I have been sitting on and modified this morning may make a point right about now…

I sat in my seat ready for a great message at my church in Alaska. Pastor Rod began “How many of us jump on boycott bandwagons as Christians?” he asked. I immediately thought of a particular store chain I refused to give business to. He continued “We are always boycotting something…stores that say Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas, companies that support spiritually opposing or political views we despise. But all we are doing is missing the point. If we as followers of Christ could recognize that it is not a behavior problem – it’s a heart problem – and be more concerned that people come to know Jesus rather than behave as if they did…lives could really be changed, hearts could be changed, and behavior would follow.”

People’s choices (the Starbucks leadership and ours included) simply reflect what is in our hearts. We cannot expect others to behave in a way that contradicts with where their hearts are. When it comes to homosexuals, pro-choice advocates and – dare I say – the oh so offensive Happy Holiday people…it reminds me of the woman at the well caught in a quite appalling act.  If Jesus himself appeared face to face with these people as He did with the woman at the well, I hate to say that many of us soapbox boycotters would be shocked to find that Jesus – like His experience with this woman – would not handle it the way we tend to respond. With this woman, for example, He did not refuse her to be in his presence because of her opposing choices, he did not give those people disgusted or appalled at her behavior a thumbs up for their intent to penalize her severely…nor did He Himself condemn her for her choices. You see, Jesus knew the heart of the problem wasn’t a behavior problem at all. It is a heart problem. As mentioned in a previous post, His response to her was beautifully free of condemnation, filled with love and grace that would begin to transform this woman from the inside out, and a specific truth and call to leave her former chosen behavior not just because he despised it but because He knew a better more abundant life was possible through the way He calls us to live as believers. Sometimes we are so loving that we lose truth and honesty, and other times we are so honest it can hinder someone from receiving the truth when love is replaced with judgement, ridicule, anger or hate. Jesus was and is equally a picture and living example of truth and love. To divide our approach is to divide all that Jesus stands for and will render ineffectiveness for sharing Him with others. As a new friend in my life recently shared with me – when we expect or demand people to change or behave a certain way we are asking them to perform rather than allowing God to transform their hearts as only He can.

My hope is that we become heart focussed people like Jesus. If a spouse, friend, relative, child, etc. is having a behavior issue, I pray that we remember that it is their heart that first needs help from Jesus and that we help shine a light on Jesus who calls Himself The Way and prayerfully ask God to transform them from the inside out while supporting them through it. If a company or political party or politician or whoever fails to act as if they follow Christ, I pray we would respond like Jesus and begin praying for heart changes and finding ways to respond in truth and love equally…it is ultimately up to the person themself what they choose, but our demands to behave or perform in a way that contradicts their heart will never produce authentic or lasting outcomes.

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