Ebenezer: So that’s what that means…

One of my devotionals today cracked me up…It was titled Raising an Ebenezer. Having just sang the song Come Thou Fount (of Every Blessing) recently, I smiled. Sometimes you dig deep into understanding the lyrics of songs – especially songs about and to the Lord. And sometimes, when they are Hymns from the 18th century, you sing words like “thy”, and “thou” and “ebenezer” and tell yourself it is old English and don’t think much past that. But really, what is the verse in Come Thou Fount talking about when it says “Here I raise my Ebenezer, here by Thy great help I’ve come..”? I can rule out Ebenezer Scrooge. 😉 But really though…

This scripture and devotion on it WOWed me. In 1 Samuel chapter 7, Israel comes under attack by the Philistines. As the devotional says :

“They begged Samuel to pray, and God acted: the Philistines were thrown into confusion and defeated, driven far away.”

Then Samuel took a stone and set it upright… He named it Ebenezer, explaining,


Not completely dissimilar, in Joshua chapters 3 and 4, Joshua and Israel went through a similar experience earlier in history. When needing to cross the Jordan River with the Ark of the Covenant, the Jordan River, which was at flood stage, stopped flowing upstream miraculously allowing them to cross. Afterwards the LORD asked Joshua to have twelve men collect stones of remembrance to place in their camp.

It seems the Lord is quite aware of our tendencies, and He knows the impact visual reminders can have in our lives when we face obstacles. In the middle of trying circumstances, I wonder if we might also benefit from a visual reminder of God’s faithful hand in our lives? Remembering that He indeed has helped us to this point and counting and recalling the ways He has been faithful can fuel gratitude, a proper perspective, and faith rather than our tendency to worry or doubt. Whether it be one big stone or a stone for each time we have experienced God significantly make a way in our trials, it just might do us good to become rock collectors. 😉

Speaking of stones…this fellow military spouse and photographer chick’s blog on When Rejection Stings was spot on and she hilariously talks about these stones of remembrance being vital in handling life as well as some other tips! :)

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