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My Weirdest Blog Post to Date

April 27th, 2016

Well this is going to be humiliating. In fact it was almost a year ago I drafted this and only now do I feel bold enough to put it out on the blog for all to see. But as I find it more true than ever at this particular moment in my life, I feel […]


Well this is going to be humiliating. In fact it was almost a year ago I drafted this and only now do I feel bold enough to put it out on the blog for all to see. But as I find it more true than ever at this particular moment in my life, I feel like now is the time. You know since I am blogging this I love you (readers) because the message is more important than the sacrifice of my image! 😉 And if it shocks you, maybe it will be unforgettable and you’ll remember the point of the story haha!

Let’s begin and get this over with – Ladies and gents, getting older is no fun sometimes for so many different reasons! The one I am going to talk about today is a little “hairy”.

About 8 months ago (gosh now that is like 17 months)  I looked at Bryan to say something and he reached over and plucked something right off of my chin. I think the fact that it was attached to my face scared us both. To my utter disgust I had grown a hair. Don’t leave the blog yet! I have a point other than to paint a gross portrait of myself! 😉

This disgusting production on my face has made me think lots of things…but it also weirdly reminded me of sinful strongholds in our lives and some important things to remember when coming to Christ to be free of them.  You ready for the weirdest illustration of this possibly ever? Here goes:

1.) Like sin, I wanted to hide this hair on my chinny chin chin from the world. I still do! God help me if you ever see it on my face, but by God alone He knows that maybe the humiliations of telling you here on the blog will keep my pride in check and paint a picture of sin that you’ll never forget haha! But just like hiding this chin hair will save my pride but lack any chance to relate to other imperfect human beings, hiding sin is the most destructive thing you can do with it. It’s pointless because the Bible tells us that your sin is always sure to find you out. May I remind you that I was also not the one to notice my “issue” first? Sometimes others can see your sin and it’s nasty effects in your life before you are ready to acknowledge it for yourself. Even the most secret of sins will eventually grow and begin to manifest itself in other parts of your life. And even if no one else knows the details of that secret, they’ll be effected by the consequences of the sin that it will have on you and within you. What is worse is that attempting to hide your sin is almost always most destructive to you! It is not healthy! And of course secret sin is never hidden from God. It’s nothing more than a frivolous effort that – like a boulder gaining momentum as it rolls down a hill – that will be more destructive to you and others than you ever intended. Andy Stanley once quoted that “Sin always has a pleasure and a payment. The pleasure is like this big and lasts for this long (showing a small amount) but the payment will sometimes affect you the rest of your life.” On the flip side, sharing the sometimes embarrassing struggles you have can help both you and anyone else who may share a similar struggle – so the uncomfortable task of bearing one another’s sins can promote liberty for more than just yourself – and it’s a testimony of how we all fall short and yet God can work in the imperfect one’s life, exposing anything less than the image of Christ and then helping redeem and transform them. In fact scripture says it is in confessing to one another that we begin to find healing.

2.) Like sin, when I recognized this hair was a part of me I was utterly ashamed of it. I wanted it gone. Similarly, once we recognize the sin that has a hold of our hearts and our habits, we usually want it gone too if we recognize the damage being done.

3.) Like sin, I have to cooperate to get this undesired thing out of my life. To rid my face of this horrible hair, I have to participate. God is able to free us from sin but He needs our cooperation with him… to come to Him, confess it, and use His truth, prayer, and apply the other armor of God to protect us from ending up back where we began. It takes our effort.

4.) Plucking this nasty hair and keeping our temptations in check takes maintenance. Unfortunately, once it is plucked, I never know when it might rare its ugly head again! I must always be checking for it before I go out in public – God forbid! Like this, many times the sin we struggle with is a habitual one that gained momentum over time without us realizing it… making it usually something we are defensive about at first, reluctant to confess, and it often involves a lengthy struggle to get it surrendered to God and defeated in your life. Once we have initially brought our sin to God and experienced freedom from the pull of it, we must not forget that we are never too strong that we cannot fall again. The sin that once has such a stronghold on our hearts and behaviors can also rare its ugly head at any time in various forms to catch us unguarded and vulnerable. For instance, though I’ve allowed God to correct my insecurities in some areas of life, insecurity tends to pop up like a new monster when I face conflicts or misunderstandings in new situations, friendships or when I don’t meet my own expectations. Same struggle default, different scenarios. I need maintenance with this area in my life! It is not on our own that we are freed from sin, and we must continue to be aware of the possibility of our weaknesses taking us by surprise and thus seek God continually to guard us from it and help us when unexpected temptation and struggle might arise.

5.) Sin in our lives often grows in a blind spot that we will overlook without the help of others. I look for this hair EVERY. DAY! And do you know what? I still just 2 months ago was riding in the car when Bryan laughed and said “Brittany your hair is back!” He was half amused and I am sure half cringing – haha! Let’s face it- the last thing a bride wants her man to see when he looks at her is this! But though it is humbling to have Bryan aware off my imperfections, I need him. We need other people to help us see in our blind spots. I apparently cannot always see myself accurately in the mirror, and I need some one with my best interest in mind… Someone willing to bare with me and expose my ugly faults, point them out when I fail to see them myself, and sometimes even help me get rid of them. Sin is very similar! Accountability is humbling, ugly and uncomfortable – but it is essential. We as people have blindspots sometimes and no matter how we look for things, we can only see one perspective. Having someone you trust, or a small group of people who are trustworthy and who have only your best interest at heart who are available to lovingly point out and be a part of your sin maintenance is more than beneficial to living a life liberated from the ugly effects of sin.

So as icky and awkward as it is, and as this story is like toothpaste that once squeezed I’ll never be able to cram it back into the tube of privacy…I am thankful that God can use this unattractive happening right on my face to give me an eternal and internal picture to teach me and affirm to us the truths about temptation, sin, and freedom. Hopefully this brought to light some good truths and reminders…And hopefully we can still be friends! 😉